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A Musical Journey

Born in Portugal, Amália Baraona grew up in Brazil and her music is a celebration of her upbringing and formative influences, in particular from Bossa Nova...

Upon her return to Europe, Amália began her musical career in Brussels in the 90s following regular workshops with the late jazz singer Anca Parghel, and performing regularly at the Club “Do Brasil”, but it was in the Balkans where Amália has been living since 2003 that her music took off. In Tirana, where she lived for 6 years, Amália worked extensively with Albanian pianist Gent Rushi, and met Italian jazz guitarist Guido Di Leone, who helped her produce her first album "Mulheres" released in 2010 for the label Four Records, shortly after Amália’s relocation to Croatia. 

Later that same year, living and performing in clubs and Festivals in Croatia such as BP Club, Jazz Club Gunduliceva, Bacchus, Scena Amadeo, Liburnia Jazz Festival, Amália started an extensive correspondence with Brazilian guitarist, composer, arranger and producer, Roberto Menescal, one of the icons of the Bossa Nova movement, which led her to recording a tribute to Menescal’s music in 2012 with Menescal himself guesting on two tracks.

2015 marks the launch of Amália's 3rd album "3 Mundus". Recorded in Skopje, the album was inspired by three musical worlds connected by three guitarists, and it is indeed the sound of the guitar the protagonist of the entire album with Petrit Çeku, Toni Kitanovski, Dinko Stipaničev.

Since 2019 Amália is based in Belgrade where she continues her work on Brazilian music and jazz in collaboration with various artists from the region and from Brazil. Following a career break, Amália returns in 2022 with a new album "Everyday a Little Love", originally conceived during the pandemic. The repertoire is essentially focused on the compositions of João Donato, pianist, composer, and arranger, a major figure in the history and development of bossa nova and Brazilian jazz, featuring musicians from Serbia, Croatia, North Macedonia, Albania and Brazil. 

Throughout the years, Amália followed various workshops namely with Deborah J. Carter (USA) and Maria Pia De Vito (IT), and has performed in Portugal, Belgium, Italy, Poland, Croatia, North Macedonia, Albania, among others.

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