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  • Amália Baraona

Photos can sing ♪♫...

Voices have colors; so do photographs even when they are in black & white! Music can be blue, joyful, shiny or shady, and it can all be captured by photographers who feel the music, and go beyond the sound seizing the emotions of the musicians. I love checking pictures of gigs or rehearsals and "listening" to them. Yeah! Photos can sing! And some photographers are masters of seeing the music and listening to the images. The whole thing gets so intertwined that it becomes one. Just like musicians and music lovers when they are sharing the music and the joy of playing together. We also become one

ZG JAM 2012, Zagreb with Dinko Stipaničev. Photo by Martina Bošković Ribarić

Scena Amadeo, Zagreb, 23.07.2016 with Petrit Ҫeku. Photo by Martina Bošković Ribarić

Sova, Zagreb, 14/03/2014 with Zoran Tomić. Photo by Martina Bošković Ribarić

Stross, Zagreb, 11/07/2012 with Pedro Ribeiro Rodrigues. Photo by Ognjen Karabegović.

#music #photography

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