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Jobim, Music & Love

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Is there anything not to love about Jobim's music? He's been present in the most important moments of my life! I grew up listening to Jobim in Brazil and he's been with me all along throughout my life, in the good as in the bad moments.

I met my husband in a gig in Zagreb, and guess what was the first song we ever played together minutes after we were introduced? Yeap! It was one of Jobim's classics: Corcovado (Quiet nights of quiet stars). Dinko on saxophone, me on vocals, shaking like a leaf 'cause I had just arrived in Croatia and didn't know any of the musicians on the scene, but was drawn by the love that I still carry today for these two men: Jobim (he was the cause of it all!!!) and Dinko.

Today, 25 January 2017, Antônio Carlos Jobim would have been 90 years old if he hadn't left us so soon to continue playing his heavenly music up where he is right now with Bach, Debussy, Ravel, Villa-Lobos, Ary Barroso, Dorival Caymmi, Vinícius de Moraes and so many others who made the world a better place with the beauty and the love they spread through their music.

This year I had planned to finally fulfill one of my dreams: to organize a big celebration for Jobim in Zagreb on 25 January, which incidentally became the National Day of Bossa Nova in Brazil. It would have been the Bossa Nova Day commemoration with my two loves and a bunch of other artists who carry on his music and poetry from generation to generation.

Life decided otherwise, but as the 25 of January will exist till the end of times, my dream will come true when the right moment comes!

Meanwhile, I will leave here as my Birthday present to Tom, a video of our last concert together when Dinko and I shared "Esse seu olher" in Zagreb at Scena Amadeo Festival last year in July, thanks to our amazing and generous friend Petrit Çeku. This is one of the most beautiful and saddest love songs by Tom Jobim. But then again, there is love in good moments, as in bad...

Happy Birthday Mr Bim!

When this look of yours meets mine,

It says things that I cannot even believe in

Sweet is to dream and to think

That you love me, as I love you.

But when the illusion falls apart, It hurts in the heart, of the one who dreamed too much, Oh... If I could only understand what your eyes say...


Este seu olhar

Quando encontra o meu

Fala de umas coisas

Que eu não posso


Doce é sonhar

É pensar que você

Gosta de mim

Como eu de você

Mas a ilusão

Quando se desfaz

Dói no coração

De quem sonhou

Sonhou demais

Ah! Se eu pudesse entender

O que dizem os seus olhos

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