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  • Amália Baraona

Raw & Naked emotions

It's been a little over 1 year since I wrote in my Blog. The last post dates back to the 4th of July 2017. I did not feel the need to do so. Today I do.

My father departed 5 weeks ago, on the 30th of May, leaving a void that I must learn to live with. It's a process... Family helps, friends help, music helps, but fundamentally, it's a solitary path.

After an exciting evening watching the World Cup that he loved so much and during which we always called each other, I woke up this morning with the first lines of what came to be a simple poem about raw and naked emotions emerging from his departure. In Portuguese. No other language can express my feelings now...

With my father at my concert "Menescantando" at CCC, in Cascais, 24 May 2013. The second and last time ever that dad came to one of my shows. (photo by Sérgio Sousa)

"Cru e Nu" Memórias desfilam, como paisagens da janela de um trem, Momentos desfiam, como contas num vai e vem, Imagens povoam, a mente de quem quer bem, Lágrimas lavam, a saudade de quem já não vem, Palavras gritam, a dor que vai mais além, Lembranças agitam, o coração de quem já não tem, Mensagens revelam, o bem que fez a outrem... E fica o vazio, cru e nu, da sua partida, Deixando uma presença na morte, ainda maior do que na vida.

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