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Where's Home?...

I typed the question in google and the first thing that popped up was a google map with the address in Belgrade where I've been living since late 2019. Scary! Big brother is watching you!! Right after the map, there were about 6,280,000,000 results. Not an original issue to write about, but close to my heart and to my life...

As a singer I go through the lyrics of songs referring to this topic and they are inevitably linked to the loved one like "You'd be so nice to come home to" (Cole Porter), "Home is where the heart is" a classic by Elvis Presley (Edwards - David), "Home is where the heart is" by The Tempations (William Robinson/Al Cleveland), "Home is where the Heart is" by Gladys Knight and The Pips (Van McCoy - Joe Cobb), etc.

Feels Like Home (Randy Newman) Check!!!

Personally, after having my heart broken and my home shattered, I'll stick to the concept that home is where my heart is, where I am, where I feel loved and cherished, and I have a lot of homes, at least one in each country where I have lived. As the 70's song Mott the Hoople goes, Home is where I want to be and my heart is in more than one place!

"Home is where I wanna be

Home is where you'll always see

Friendly faces that'll never turn you down

Or say goodbye"


"Home Is Where I Want To Be", album "Wildlife" (1971)

(Mick Ralphs)

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Jose Luiz Foureaux de Souza Júnior
Jose Luiz Foureaux de Souza Júnior
Apr 08

Legal demais! Uma super semana para você, querida! Beijinho

Amalia Baraona
Amalia Baraona
Apr 08
Replying to

Obrigada querido! Uma linda semana para você também!

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