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Why this song? Track 10

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"Everyday (a Little Love)", a composition by João Donato and Norman Gimbel is track 10 of the album "Everyday a Little Love".

“Everyday a Little Love” found me, rather than the other way round. I had basically finalised the list of the songs for this project and was picking my brain for a title to the album, knowing that something was missing, but not knowing what… That’s when I stumbled into this waltz composed by João Donato with lyrics by Norman Gimbel, voicing what I believe in: the hopeful and simple truth that everyday a little love makes each one of us live another day. With this tune I found the missing piece of the puzzle and title of the album!

João Donato is one of the major Brazilian pianists and composers, one of the surviving and still active members of the generation that produced Antonio Carlos Jobim and João Gilberto associated with the birth of bossa nova. Asked how he would describe his own work, Donato says, “It’s my style of music, the way I think about [music]. I don’t even think about it, it’s just the way I do things. I don’t know if it even has a name.” João Gilberto himself often said that he had taken the revolutionary guitar beat while watching Donato play the piano.

Norman Gimbel was an American lyricist. In 1963, Gimbel was introduced to a group of Brazilian composers, and he would go on to write English lyrics for many of their songs, namely the English version of "So Nice" (Summer Samba), "How Insensitive," and “The Girl from Ipanema”. To my knowledge, however, the lyrics of “Everyday a Little Love” were written only in English. A Portuguese version never existed.

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