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Why this song? Track 3

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"Entardecendo", a composition by João Donato and Marcos Valle is the 3rd track of the album "Everyday a Little Love".

“Entardecendo” is that time when the daylight starts fading but it’s not yet the sunset. The scenery of this beautiful song that I sing in duet with Petar Culibrk on piano says “I don’t know whether it was the sea or the sundown, but I can only think of you. Maybe it’s the fading daylight that brought love next to me. It happened suddenly when you and I were the only ones left, the big waves unrolling at “Arpoador” (a beach in Rio de Janeiro), and I dived in those blue eyes, I was spellbound by your chant, and our kiss exchanged in the south wind turned this encounter into love…” Dreamy, isn’t it? I can almost smell the sea and feel this south wind in my hair!

Marcos Valle, who shares this composition with João Donato, is now 79 years young and his hit “Samba de Verão” (Summer Samba) is one of the most covered songs in the history of Brazilian music. Valle-singer, songwriter, pianist and producer-started his career in the early days of the Bossa Nova and since then has composed and produced in many musical styles including funk, pop, jazz and fusion, and is considered one of the major performers of Brazilian music.

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