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Why this song? Track 5

Click on the photo to listen to the song

"Amor nas Estrelas", a composition by João Donato and Lysias Ênio, track 5 of the album "Everyday a Little Love".

I stumbled on this tune in the album Aquarius (2010, Joyce ft. João Donato) and loved the rhythm and the lyrics that fit exactly into the beat. According to an article by Lu Lacerda, this song was composed by Donato following an improvisation played by João Gilberto at the end of his recording of “Você e Eu” 50 years ago, and the lyrics were written by Donato’s brother, the writer, poet, and lyricist Lysias Ênio. Donato calls him “my favourite sculptor of lyrics” and Lysias has written lyrics for many of his brother’s compositions.

The intro played by Genti Rushi on accordion is a reminder of João Donato’s debut as a professional musician at the age of 15 as an accordionist!

I particularly love this poetic sequence in part B of the song:

I was sitting by the river,

I was sitting by the sea,

I was jumping and it was already cold,

I was running to find you,

I was lying in the linen hammock,

I was swinging to wake up,

I was craving to give you tenderness,

Love in the stars for us to dream…

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