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Why this song? Track 7

Click on the photo to listen to the song

"E Muito Mais", a composition by João Donato and Lysias Ênio is track 7 of the album "Everyday a Little Love".

This tune is also a partnership between João Donato and his brother Lysias Ênio, and the rhythmic lines immediately attracted Genti Rushi, who had already chosen “Amor nas Estrelas” (see post for track 5) to arrange and play in the album. The first line of the lyrics instantly won me over “From now on, everything will be different” because that’s exactly what I was looking for: change, a different way of doing things and living. It was a challenge to sing the right words in the right places, because the sentences are quite long and some of the rhymes were not easy to enunciate! In this free translation of part A into English it seems fine, but trust me: in Portuguese Lysias Ênio’s lyrics gave me a hard time!!

From now on, everything will be different.

The heat is up and suddenly it doesn't matter

My love, for sure, is very crazy

I want a bit of everything and more

I want to cover the sunlight with the sieve

I want to be a stray swallow in the summer

I will build beautiful sandcastles

And walk on the waters of passion

From now on, everything will be different…

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