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Why this song? Track 9

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"Luz da Canção", a composition by João Donato and Joyce is track 9 of the album "Everyday a Little Love".

Joyce, who shares this composition with João Donato, is a singer, guitarist and composer. In 1987, Antonio Carlos Jobim said “Joyce is one of the best singers of all times!… As if it weren’t enough, Joyce is a great composer and plays ace guitar! What an amazing woman!”. She recorded her debut album in 1968 and has since issued more than 20 albums and composed about 400 songs.

Since the beginning of her career, Joyce’s trademark has been the first-person feminine voice, which she pioneered. She was the first Brazilian songwriter to express herself in this form. This song is a perfect example and that’s why I chose it. The lyrics are the thoughts of a woman who lately has been pondering unimaginable things, namely how her life would be without her loved one. She’d rather have an endless love, but the insecurities of a woman lead her to thinking that we don’t live as we want to. Eventually, in the middle of the crowd, she sees him and her heart beats, his arrival is like a light from a song, brightening like a summer’s day!

João Donato is a musician and composer, one of the surviving and still active members of the generation that produced Antonio Carlos Jobim, João Gilberto, and many other masters associated with the birth of bossa nova. For more on Donato, see previous posts on other tracks of this album.

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