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Alight with a fresh Site!

As I glance through my refreshed website, my spirit is alight with colorful fireworks. It feels like New Year!

Following the silence and isolation of these last two years, the awakening is heartwarming!

I don't know if everything happens for a reason (am still trying to work that out...) but coincidentally the webdesigner who refreshed my site, Srdjan Denic, is originally from Belgrade and was super happy to know that I live in his hometown! Srdjan immediately understood what needed to change in the website: lighten up, was his motto.

The motto for the site, "Lighten up", actually applies to me like a glove! These Corona times, the absence of music from my life until recently (New album on the make...!), the end of my marriage, the solitude that almost imperceptibly became loneliness, all of it made me lose track of the colours of life, the existence of dreams, the freshness of every new day (even the bad days have something good if we are willing to see it), the purpose of it all. And yet, here I am! Alight with a fresh website and an album on the make! Stick around, subscribe to the site and enjoy the novelties!

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