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This morning my phone gave up on me. Well, truth be said, I was late for work, trying to put on my coat and grab my mobile at the same time when it fell. As it is not the first time this happens, I picked it up ready to call a taxi and catch up with my tardiness, but to my dismay the phone did not react to my touch. Panic! What now? In a few seconds I realized that without the phone I can't call a taxi, without a taxi I'll arrive at work beyond late, I can't call my boss to warn that I'm late, if something urgent comes up nobody can contact me, what if my family tries to call me from Brazil or from Portugal, etc. Focus, breathe, leave the house, walk out the street, grab a taxi and go (while continuously trying to revive my phone to no avail).

At lunch time I ran to the technical service to get the phone fixed and stop feeling like Robin Crusoe on a desolate island, alone and unreachable! After 5 minutes, the technician says that the screen is broken and therefore the mobile is useless because it's a touch screen! Easy! Let's replace the screen! Sorry, we don't have this model in stock, maybe in 15 days and it'll cost 13,000 RSD (which is about 110 EUR). The purchase of a new phone is the only viable solution at this stage and I am obviously late to work again!

As I write these lines, still phoneless while the technical service is trying to transfer the data from the perished phone to the new one, I continue feeling like Robinson Crusoe: unattainable and isolated and there's no Friday around to keep me company (if you haven't read the book, you'll not get this one...)! I tried to enter Insta and FB on the computer but as I don't have the passwords at hand, the applications send the new access codes to my phone! The irony of fate...

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